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Stroke Recovery at Your Pace

We believe in a holistic approach to healing customized for each individual. Our goal at Warren Barr Lieberman is to help patients and physicians with patient-centered choices and alternatives; so each individual has a maximum level of physical functionality and wellness while building independence. Using specialized post-stroke rehab technology, we can improve outcomes and expedite recoveries.

Specialized therapies include:

  • A dynamic balance system, allowing patients to push their limits while being safely supported. Patients can improve their standing tolerance, static and dynamic balance, and proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness.
  • The Omnicycle is a motorized rehabilitation system that uses a “Smart Motor” to help patients exercise with limited strength and muscle control. The Omnicylce also provides measurable results that can help patients track their progress and help them focus on specific areas.
  • The “PENS” electrical stimulation unit provides gentle electric pulses to simulate normal coordination or firing patterns that occur between nerves and muscles. This helps with muscle re-education, increases muscle strength, and reduces muscle spasms and pain.

Traditional therapies include:

  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies up to seven-days-a-week
  • Availability of educational resources
  • Improved strength and mobility development
  • One-on-one attention by trained rehabilitation professionals
  • Restoration of range of motion
  • Training for safe mobility during daily activities